How to Download Movies from in Desktop and Mobile

One of the best thing associated with the solarmovie is that it allows you to save the movies you like on to your desktop, or even on the laptop for your future reference.

This means that you can watch your favourite movies every time you can want, even without the internet connection.

There are various downloader app available, in the market that can help you to download the movies and keep them saved in your desktop and movie.

Some of the most popular are

  • 9X buddy
  • Tube Offline
  • 9 et FLV

Steps to download the movies

  1. First and the most important steps involved in downloading the video is looking for the one. If you have found your favourite movies that you need to download, then copy the URL of the video by clicking CTRL+A and then CTRL+C.
  2. In this step you will have to open the video downloader you can search them in the google or any other search engine. Once open the site you will have to enter the URL of the movie in the big rectangular box available on the home page. You can also paste the URL directly by hitting CTRL+V button together and then hit enter.
  3. In this step, you may select the output format and the size of the movie file and also the place where you want to download it.
  4. If you are having any trouble in downloading the movie from solar movies, then you can watch this video available on YouTube, which can be a great help for you.

Final words

With all these steps done, you are all set to watch your favourite movie or a particular genre. Your favourite movie all the time as per your convenience.